Williams Lea & Prudential
​Physical to Electronic Records Management.


Working with Williams Lea to design a capable EDRMS system to replace the existing bespoke physical records management system. Worked hand in hand with the project manager to appraise and chose a suitable COTS product.

​Migration and Transformation of SharePoint Content.


When one of the most known names in Information Technology needed help on a migration and transformation project for their clients SharePoint content we were only too happy to step up to the mark. Using our skills gained in previous migration projects we worked with a top team of HP staff to enable them to deliver on time and in budget.

Focusing on Microsoft platforms since 2000, we have increased our breadth and depth of knowledge and achieved certification and partner status. We've worked hard to get where we are today and continue to strive towards even greater success. 


Tower Technology
​EDRMS Consultancy.


Tower Technology was an Australian EDRMS consultancy and provided our first real experience of EDRMS. We worked with a large number of end clients to deliver IDM and EDMRS solutions.



MoD & Fujitsu
​Large-scale, implementation and Migration.


Working with Fujitsu to deliver on their SharePoint collaboration platform and then to drive the migration of valuable legacy data forward in the largest rollout of SharePoint in the UK. Gained a lot of experience and of course some great work connections.

​Migration and Transformation of Legacy Content into SharePoint.


We were very excited to get the opportunity to work with Capgemini and their client on this agile project. We assisted with prototyping of SharePoint customisations and product selection for the client's migration project. The client was keen to validate the bespoke integration layer they had produced so we ended up writing a custom migration toolset to deliver the migration.

​SharePoint Architect.


We again had the opportunity to work with one of the most known names in Information Technology when they needed our SharePoint Architect input. Having been with the client when the system was delivered gave us a significant advantage over other providers and we continue to expand the capabilities of their SharePoint environment.

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